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Precise cutting/drilling

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The DML 80 series from Lasertec GmbH (Kempten, Germany) offers flexible, highly dynamic, and highly precise cutting and drilling of sheet metal between 0.1 and 3 mm, according to the company. The company claims machine precision of 10 µm (Pmax), high positioning speeds up to 120 m/min, and accelerations up to 2 g. Other features include the x/y-axis compound table with highly dynamic linear drives and the solid machine bed of polymer concrete on the three-point support.

Because the user can choose between a Nd:YAG solid-state laser and a CO2 system, the laser type and power can always be configured to the respective requirements placed on quality, speed, and material. For all applications the laser is manipulated directly via the Siemens 840D powerline. The modular machine concept with three, four, or five CNC axes makes the system appropriate for both fine 2D and 3D cutting and for laser drilling and welding applications.

Fiber laser marker

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The Q-switched Cobalt 10 fiber laser marker from Alase Technologies Inc. (Pepperell, MA) enables users to mark on plastics and metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. ..The air-cooled unit can be mounted in any orientation and gives users approximately 30,000 hours of laser life with zero consumables. Two versions are available. In one version the marking head is remote from the power supply and in the other the marking head is packaged with the power supply.

Beam sensor

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The newest Big Beam Sensor (BBS) from LMI Technologies Inc. (Southfield, MI) features a large measurement area that provides more versatility when measuring width and height of solid and opaque targets. The product's shadow beam measurement is not affected by target surface color or reflectivity. The company explains that the BBS uses a modulated laser source to back light the object being measured. The portion of the light that reaches the receiver (detector) is proportional to the dimension of the part, generating dimensional data output. Specifications include a beam height of 30 mm.

Repeatability is better than 0.5 percent at 5 kHz and typical resolution is 0.003 mm of the measurement range.

Engraving/cutting system

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The XL Series from Universal Laser Systems Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) is an industrial-grade line of laser machines that is engineered to handle advanced laser engraving, cutting, and marking applications. The XL-9200 features a 36 x 24-inch field, while the XL-12000 features a 48 x 24-inch field, and both accommodate a range of materials. The series is compatible with 25- to 150-watt air-cooled lasers in single or dual-laser configurations for maximum laser power of 300 watts. Another feature is the automatic detection of installed options, such as a rotary fixture or lenses. One option is an advanced beam indicator that precisely identifies the point of laser impact on the material's surface.

High-power diode

New from Laserline GmbH (Mulheim-Karlich, Germany), the LDF 1500-6000 offers up to 6000 W of diode laser power from an optical fiber (1500 µm, NA 0.2) with the advantages of high reliability and long lifetime. According to the company, a new modular supply unit is used that enables easy exchange of diodes at the user's site, if necessary. Teleservice and stack management enable uninterrupted work, even in the case of a stack failure. The system is intended for cladding/coating, brazing, and hardening as well as hybrid welding with high power and high speed in series production.

High-energy laser

RPMC (O'Fallon, MO) offers a new series of TEM00, 1064nm lasers with a pulsewidth of <2.5 ns at 10 kHz. Reportedly, the lasers have average power of 10 and 15W, making them applicable for drilling, cutting, and similar micromachining tasks as well as lidar applications. The lasers are based upon a Nd:YVO4 oscillator that is amplified by Nd:YVO4. The laser is CW diode pumped and electro-optically Q-switched and operates from 1 kHz through 10 kHz with virtually constant pulsewidth and energy. The laser head measures 33 × 11.5 × 48 cm and is cooled with a conventional closed-loop chiller.

Mounting bracket

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BEA Lasers' (Elk Grove Village, IL) Series LB laser module ..mounting bracket is used for positioning and securing laser diode modules, allows air convection cooling, and avoids short circuits from the common "positive case grounding" of today's laser diode modules. Constructed of non-conductive Delrin plastic, the brackets feature 360-degree rotation around orthogonal axes, with right and left translation adjustable along the bracket's 1/4 × 3/4 inch mounting slots.

Aluminum oxide substrate

The Rubalit HSS (High Strength Substrate) from CeramTec (Laurens, SC), features an ultra-fine microstructure and ..highly consistent surface quality, according to the company. Available in 0.008-, 0.010-, and 0.15-inch thicknesses, the substrate reportedly offers designers 500 percent greater thermal cycling resistance and 50 percent more bending strength and surface quality compared to conventional substrates.

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