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High-power disk laser

TRUMPF Inc. (Plymouth, MI) brings to the North American market the first 4kW disk laser, the HLD 4002, designed for cutting and welding applications. This unit, composed of four disks arranged in zigzag fashion with a parabolic mirror, produces a beam quality of 7 mm*mrad, so the beam can be coupled into a 200-micron fiber.

Th 162389
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A reduced focus diameter contributes to higher operating speeds, shorter cycle times, and lower heat input into the workpiece. For example, working with aluminum, the threshold intensity is reached with lower power and a small focus for welding applications. The beam quality is important because it means a greater working distance and depth of field for processing thicker material.

Extreme machine precision

The Lasertec 80 FineCutting from DMG (Stipshausen, Germany) is said to be the world’s first laser system with high dynamic response for precision 2D and 3D cutting, welding, and drilling. With precision of 1.5µm, speeds up to 120 m/min, and acceleration to 1.5 g, the Lasertec 80, which can be powered by Nd:YAG or CO2 lasers, in three-, four-, or five-axis configurations, is an ideal machine for large industries and even small job shops.

Versatile, modular laser marker

The Technomark Multi 4 is a modular marking system ideal for a wide range of marking applications in manufacturing operations. Four easily configured versions-bench top, portable (battery-operated) hand-held, mixed use, and integrated automatic online-are available.

This unit, fromDapra Marking Systems (Bloomfield, CT), can mark letters, logos, special characters, and data matrix codes on metals and non-metals, with up to 1,000 settings. The fully integrated system even comes with a read and verification function of 2D matrix codes.

High-volume production work cell

From Genesis Systems Group (Davenport, IA) comes the dual-robot Versa RC3L patented work cell, which accommodates larger and heavier parts with higher weight capacities, longer tooling lengths, larger swing diameters, and larger robot models.

A center-mounted robot design maximizes work envelope utilization and allows the robot to be further from the workpiece to accommodate the table’s sweep.

With tooling lengths to 96 inches, a swing diameter of 40 inches, and weight capacity to 1200 lbs., the Versa RC3L is an industry leader.

Thermoelectric air conditioner

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Designed to cool small electronic equipment enclosures, EIC Solutions’ (Warminster, PA) new Thermoelectric Air Conditioner packs a 200 BTU/HR rating into a compact 8.25x6-inch footprint. Constructed to NEMA 4X standards for indoor and outdoor use and available with cooling and heating configurations in a through-mount or flush-mount design, the EIC 200 features a built-in adjustable thermostat, self-contained condensate drip pan, integral power supply with polycarbonate case, 9-foot power cord, and Universal AC/DC power input. A stainless steel mounting flange and covers, as well as a neoprene mounting gasket and stainless steel fasteners, round out this product’s list of features.

Fiber laser marker

The TLM 500E is a diode-pumped, solid-state laser marking system that features a CW/Q-switched Nd:YAG end-pumped laser with a remote fiber coupled light source.

With an average diode life greater than 15,000 working hours, the TLM 500 E, from Telesis (Circleville, OH), is a flexible, compact, low-maintenance, easily integrated package for product marking.

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