Mitsubishi Lasers’ (Wood Dale, IL; 3015LVPLUS-40CFX high-speed laser cutting system incorporates the company’s most powerful resonator yet, with X-Flow Technology. With 4000 watts it can cut up to 1-inch mild steel, ½-inch aluminum, and ¾-inch stainless steel.

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compiled by Laureen Belleville, and Jaclyn Kinsman,

High-precision machining

Mitsubishi Lasers’ (Wood Dale, IL; 3015LVPLUS-40CFX high-speed laser cutting system incorporates the company’s most powerful resonator yet, with X-Flow Technology. With 4000 watts it can cut up to 1-inch mild steel, ½-inch aluminum, and ¾-inch stainless steel. This laser will be on display at FABTECH/AWS Welding Show.

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The company will also exhibit the VZ1, one of its high-performance, three-dimensional multi-axis cutting machines. The unit’s six-axes, zero-offset head is ideal for high-speed cutting on complex parts. Its Windows-based control system delivers flexibility during programming, job setup, and part cutting.

Marking workstatioin

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TRUMPF (Farmington, CT; presents the VectorMark Workstation 150. This workstation is capable of labeling quickly and easily at the highest quality. With a 28.2- x 13.1-in footprint, this light and compact workstation is designed as a mobile and flexible tabletop workstation that allows easy access from the sides. The work area can label a 4.72-in x 4.72-in area, and the monitored safety door guarantees class 1 laser protection when the laser is in use. The integrated optical focus adjustment of +/-0.28 inches and the manual support area height adjustment of up to 5.91 inches ensure high quality when labeling differently sized work pieces.

Safety screens

New from Laservision GmbH (Siemensstraße, Germany;, the CO2 transparent and mobile laser safety screens have been developed. The 1m-wide and 2m-high screens are primarily used to protect surrounding areas against dangerous laser radiation, but they can also be used for permanent separation of defined working areas. These certified plastic windows allow for laser process observation and can be placed in flexible mobile frames with laser safety slats or curtains for easier accessibility.

Excimer lasers

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Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA; has recently added three new models to its Lambda SX series of high-power, industrial excimer lasers. The LSX 200C delivers 200 watts at 308 nm, the LSX 200K provides 200 watts at 248 nm, and the LSX 300K produces 300 watts at 248 nm. Each of these lasers features solid-state switching for high reliability and an external resonator design for enhanced beam stability. The Lambda SX series is intended to offer the lowest cost per ultraviolet watt hour for a wide range of demanding, high duty cycle, industrial processing tasks.

Polarization maintaining fiber

Liekki (Lohja, Finland; has recently introduced a polarization maintaining fiber for amplifying pulses for 1µm lasers, the Yb1200-20/125DC-PM. This large mode area fiber has high cladding absorption and is typically used for materials processing, laser ranging, remote chemical detection, and nonlinear frequency conversion for access to wavelengths from the infrared to the ultraviolet. This fiber features a combination of a highly doped, 20µm diameter core and a large core-to-cladding ratio. These features result in a nominal cladding pump absorption of 7.1dB/m at 920nm rising to as much as 30dB/m for absorption near the peak at around 976nm, enabling use of very short active fiber lengths. The Yb1200-20/125DC-PM gives off a high extractable energy and a strong beam quality.

Laser coders

The new Imaje 7000 Laser Series from Imaje UK (Runcorn, Cheshire, UK; is available in both 10W and 30W configurations. The 7000 series includes 6- or 9-m ultra-flexible interconnecting cables with a 12-in color touch screen with WYSIWYG display. The Imaje 7000 series includes both the Imaje 7011 and the Imaje 7031. The 7011 has a 70- x 70mm coding area with a 100mm focal distance as standard, and up to 150m/min production line speed. The 7031 has a 105- x 105mm coding area with a 150mm focal distance, and up to a 300m/min production line speed.

Laser marking system

Designed to accurately mark PCBs within a production line, the LMC 2000HE CO2 laser marking system was developed by Nutek Limited (Colchester, Essex, UK; The “flying laser” concept is used, which means that the PCB is locked in its marking position while the CO2 laser is moved using the servo-controlled X-Y axis. This laser marking system has a large marking area and the capability to mark text, barcodes, 2D codes, and graphics.

Marking on the fly

Solaris Laser (Warszawa, Poland; introduces the Solaris Laser coders. The SolarMark II sets forth a new generation of CO2 laser markers that can mark plastics, foils, laminates, rubber, glass, ceramics, plastic-coated metals, anodized aluminum, wood, paper, and inked cardboard. In addition to high-speed stationary marking, the product also utilizes ‘on the fly’ marking, which enables the creation of continuous-line codes on objects while they are moving. The flexibility of the computer-controlled process allows the user to alter the marking image, even from part-to-part, without affecting the system throughput.

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