The PowerWeld multiflex laser workstation from TRUMPF (Plymouth, MI; enables build-up welding on large workpieces without any need for alignment.

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compiled by Laureen Belleville, and Jaclyn Kinsman,

Laser workstation

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The PowerWeld multiflex laser workstation from TRUMPF (Plymouth, MI; enables build-up welding on large workpieces without any need for alignment. Based on a Cartesian machine with a range of 1000 millimeters in all three axes, this machine allows for the processing of tools of almost any shape and size.

The welding head of the PowerWeld multiflex is mounted at one end of the Y axis and can be tilted in two planes. It easily adapts the movement of the axes to the needs of the specific welding area. For observation purposes of the process a camera with a flat panel display or a stereo microscope is available.

Nitrogen generation systems

New from Industrial Solutions, LCC (Rockaway, NJ;, a series of ONSITE Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generation systems has been developed to assist laser users with a more cost-efficient way to generate bottled and liquid nitrogen gas. These systems enable users to produce nitrogen used in assisting high-pressure metal cutting and beam path purge, while eliminating N2 gas evaporation loss as well as recurrent delivery and rental charges. Reportedly, PSA nitrogen generation systems increase the overall safety and security of the workplace while also eliminating the need for hazardous storage areas.

Excimer laser

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The COMPexPro 1000 excimer laser from Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA; enables users to produce higher speeds in micromachining applications. This laser delivers a tube lifetime of 10 billion pulses for either ArF or KrF operation. COMPexPro 1000 also features pulse energies between 10 and 20 mJ, as well as pulse-to-pulse energy stability. This product has long pulse durations to reduce peak power, which in turn maximizes the lifetime of beam delivery optics and further reduces the total cost of ownership. The 1 kHz repetition rate enables increased process speed for a number of micromachining and drilling applications.

Regenerative amplifier system

ELS Elektronik Laser System (Fort Worth, TX; presents PowerDisk regenerative laser system, which produces pulses with up to 25 mJ energy and 10 ns duration (at 1 kHz). This system is based on the VersaDisk thin-disk laser as a seed laser. The fundamental wavelength can be set between 1010 nm and 1055 nm. To narrow the linewidth of the seed laser to 5 MHz, an etalon is inserted into the optical cavity. The laser system’s short pulses, narrow linewidth, and wide wavelength coverage, make it well suited for application in micro-material processing.

Single-mode amplifier systems

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The TA 100 laser systems, or the “Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA)” systems have been introduced by Toptica Photonics AG (Munich, Germany; These systems are available from 658 to 1080 nm with powers up to 1 W. They offer single spatial and spectral mode output, narrow linewidth, and tunability with excellent beam quality. The amplifier systems (TA-B) boost the output power of diode or gas lasers by a factor of 100. The modular design of both the laser and amplifier systems allows for later upgrades.

Scribing laser coders

Imaje (Bourg-les-Valence Cedex, France; introduces the first third-generation laser coder, the Imaje 7000 Series. Comprised of two laser printers, this laser coder features a third-generation head, a modular design, and a unique intuitive user interface. The laser head fully operates at temperatures up to 35º Celsius, and has more printing capabilities than current systems with similar power ratings. The modular design of the laser coder allows easy integration into product lines, while the user interface is designed with the operator in mind. The result of the 7000 Series is a high-quality coding, in addition to high optimization of costs.

Diode-pumped nanosecond lasers

A manufacturer of lasers and laser systems as well as photonics components for scientific and industrial applications, Ekspla (Vilnius, Lithuania; has recently developed a short-pulse diode-pumped Q-switched nanosecond Nd:YVO4 laser. This product features 6-14 ns pulse durations, up to 40 kHz repetition rate, and external TTL triggering used for material processing applications. Together, the compact size and turnkey operation of the NL640 series nanosecond lasers enable the accessibility of material processing and marking systems.

Optical software

The lens design software, OSLO 6.4 from Lambda Research Corporation (Littleton, MA; allows the placement of multiple interferogram (INT) files on any optical model surface. The placement of multiple files allows the OSLO 6.4 to perform complex tolerance modeling that can predict the performance of real optical systems. In addition, this product contains a new Anamorphic Asphere surface type that extends the standard optical surface sag equation differently in both the X and Y directions. Users of OSLO 6.4 will find it virtually impossible to incorrectly use visible materials for infrared wavelength ranges.

Laser marker

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New from Keyence Corporation of America (Woodcliff Lake, NJ;, the ML-G9300 high-power laser marker has been developed to benefit the automotive and electrical industries by being able to mark components at high speeds with ultra-small characters. Using WaveGuide technology, a laser beam is folded into a Z shape, providing higher power in less space. This enables the marking of materials such as stainless steel, resin, glass, rubber, and paper. This product can also be used for machining purposes such as cutting resin film and boring and wire sheath cutting.

Red laser diodes

New from Photonic Products Ltd. (Hatfield Broad Oak, United Kingdom; are two 635 nm, 5mW laser diodes. These red laser diodes have an extended battery lifetime and lower power consumption to improve energy efficiency in industrial and medical applications. Supplied in a 5.6mm package with 1N (HL6354MG) or 3P (HL6355MG) type common cathode pin configuration, the single longitudinal mode laser diodes have a typical operating current of 27mA, a threshold current of 18mA, operating voltage of 2.2V, monitoring output current of 0.4mA, laser reverse voltage of 2V, PD reverse voltage of 30V, and TM mode oscillation at a wavelength of 635nm. The diode’s operating temperature range is -10º Centigrade to +50º Centigrade.

Laser systems

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation (Gilbert, AZ; announces the LP8GXY laser system for marking, etching, and cutting. This product uses an x-y table with a galvo head that provides maximum flexibility and speed. The galvo head can be combined with a short focus lens, which allows CO2 laser marking or etching of very fine details, small characters, barcodes, or detailed logos. The LP8GXY laser system can be fitted with air-cooled CO2 lasers from 10 to 100 watts and water-cooled CO2 lasers from 150 to 400 watts.

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