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Deep engraving system

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The FOBA G10 deep engraving system, from Virtek Laser Systems (Waterloo, ON), is used for engraving and marking of tool molds, blow molds, mold inserts, erosion electrodes and stamping and printing dies as well as decorative engraving and surface finishing. The system incorporates advanced laser engraving technology into a Class I environment with a compact footprint. Designed for use with work pieces up to 10 kg, the standard system has three AC servomotors enabling movements of 300mm on the x- and y-axes and 500mm on the z-axis. The unit employs a 100W lamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser. Advanced beam steering ability and a spot size of less than 100 µm ensure that the system generates high-resolution, crisp features.

Automation solutions

A 32-page color brochure, Automation Solutions for Laser Processing, Medical Device Manufacturing, and Life Sciences, from Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA), presents the company's products and automation solutions developed specifically for these industries. Products include the Automation 3200 digital automation platform, linear and rotary translation stages and industry-specific motion systems.

Steel spline shaft

Steel spline shafts from Kerk Motion Products (Hollis, NH) are designed for heavy side loads and applications with rough handling. The assembly consists of a surface-hardened steel spline shaft treated with the company's proprietary low-friction TFE coating, coupled with a graphite and PTFE-filled thermoplastic bushing, which is manufactured with an internal brass collar to facilitate mounting configurations without nut distortion.

Direct-coupled DPSS lasers

New from GSI Lumonics Inc. (Northville, MI), the Spectron Mini DPSS SLD6000 series ultra-compact lasers with direct diode coupling to the Nd:YAG lasing media produce 5 watts at 1064 nm with a TEM00 beam quality that provides for the smallest of focused spot sizes giving optimized process control. These lasers include a rugged sealed laser head and field-replaceable diodes.

Laser beam analyzer

The latest version of Spiricon's (Logan, UT) LBA-PC (laser beam analyzer) series adds Active X interface for remote program control, a pointing stability (beam stability) strip chart display and more. Measurements charted are X and Y centroid location, X and Y peak location and radius of location position.

Ultrafast optics

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Alpine Research Optics (Boulder, CO) has introduced a line of long-life optics specifically optimized for use with ultrafast laser beams. The full product line includes mirrors, windows, spherical and cylindrical lenses, beamsplitters and output couplers. Two series of optics offer a choice of broadband performance for use with lower-power systems or ultra-high damage resistance for high-power systems such as regenerative amplifiers. All of the optics are suitable for both intracavity and beam delivery applications.


The ATS1000 is a compact, high-performance linear ball-screw stage from Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA). A rigid base and high-performance brushless servomotor make the product effective for industrial applications such as laser machining. The tabletop utilizes stainless-steel helicoil inserts to protect mounting holes against thread wear. For industrial applications that expose the stage to debris, full bellows or hardcover waycovers are available. Sealed linear motion guide bearings with integral wipers are incorporated to provide excellent payload capability and long life.

Power supplies

The AP500 power supplies from HiTek Power (Santee, CA) have been redesigned to incorporate a power factor correction (PFC) module and other enhancements. The new products feature an autoranging output characteristic curve that provides a wide range of voltage and current combinations within a constant 500W power envelope. Infinitely adjustable voltage and current is made possible by three variants, which provide maximums of 20 volts or 80 amps current, 70 volts or 30 amps current and 400 volts or 5 amps current.

Amplifier board

New from Galil Motion Control (Rocklin, CA) is the AMP-20540 option for the DMC-21×3 Ethernet controllers. The servo amplifier board is designed for driving four brushless or brush-type motors up to 500 W and attaches directly to the 96-pin DIN connector of the controller without the need for cable or wiring. The four-axis model is priced at $495 in 100-unit quantities. The company's AMP-20440 contains four transconductance, PWM amplifiers on a single 6.92- × 4.85-in board with each amplifier capable of producing 500W.

Plastics marker

The VectorMark compact 6 from TRUMPF (Framington, CT) achieves high-quality, high-contrast marks on most plastics and synthetic materials without requiring additives to the material. The product's UV wavelength is advantageous in applications such as marking of electronic components, where pigment might change the material's dielectric properties. The frequency-tripled, diode-pumped, solid-state laser system (wavelength 355 nm, UV) laser reportedly marks plastics at a higher quality and faster processing speeds than traditional plastics marking. The laser's high photon energy results in high-contrast marking through a photochemical process rather than a thermal process.

Fiber-optic illuminator

Edmund Optics Inc. (Barrington, NJ) has added the Dolan-Jenner MH-100 metal halide illuminator to its line of fiber-optic illuminators. The Fiber-Lite delivers more than twice the light output of a standard 150W quartz-halogen illuminator and allows for controlled transmission in the UV region. Features include a 20- to 100-percent intensity control (via manual iris), a removable visible bandpass filter and an external filter holder to hold additional filters. The 100W metal halide bulb within the illuminator has a lamp life of approximately 6000 hours and a color temperature of 5300K.

Optical parametric oscillator

The DS series diode-pumped, high-repetition rate optical parametric oscillator (OPO) from Photonics Industries (Bohemia, NY) is based on patented intracavity frequency conversion technology. Utilizing the company's end-pump design, the product delivers TEM00 beam mode quality with M2 1.1 and up to 2 mJ per pulse.

Excimer laser

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The Novatex industrial excimer laser series from Lambda Physik (Fort Lauderdale, FL) offers extended performance up to 2 kHz repetition rate. The laser is available at 248 nm (KrF) or 192 nm (ArF) wavelengths. The stabilized average power for ArF is specified with 12 watts, and 32 watts for KrF. According to the company, maintenance time is minimized by a bi-modular design thatseparates the laser head from the external supply unit. The overall complies with SEMI S2 standards. An all-solid-state HV switch has been integrated to match the multi-billion-pulse lifetime of the Fluorine-optimized NovaTube. In addition to mask writing, applications include micro-structuring and micro-drilling, cable marking, optics testing, surface inspection and semiconductor inspection and metrology.

Air cleaner

The model MC2500 air cleaner from Micro Air Clean Air Systems (Wichita, KS) is designed for any application involving the removal of welding smoke, grinding dust, fumes and other industrial pollutants. Two units can be combined to provide enough arms to capture pollutants at four workstations. The arms are externally supported for easy adjustment and can clean up to 1200 CFM of air per arm. Each arm features a lighted, rotating hood with full controls for ease of manipulation and improved visibility. The unit features the RotoPulse cartridge cleaning system, which automatically cleans the filter cartridges with efficiencies exceeding 99.9 percent.

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