October 23rd webcast - How to Know if the Laser in Your AM System is in Spec

Oct 23rd, 2019

This webcast was originally broadcast on
October 23, 2019 and is now available for on demand viewing!

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Webcast Description:

Most of us are familiar with the many benefits and changes that laser-based additive manufacturing is bringing to manufacturing, including reduced tooling costs, easier testing of complex geometries ,and faster time to market. With these benefits come a constant – the performance of your laser will change over time. Therefore, understanding your laser’s behavior is critical to successfully applying it to the AM process. In this webinar, we will discuss why laser system performance changes and why it is important to understand, as well as when, how, and how often to measure and analyze the laser’s performance so as not to impact the efficiency and quality of the products being  produced. 

Presented by:

John McCauley
Key Accounts Manager, Automotive

John McCauley is the Key Accounts Manager for Ophir’s North and South American automotive customers. From 2009 to 2016, he served as their Midwest Regional Sales Manager and Product Specialist for all markets. Since 1998, his background has been as an end user of, and an Applications Engineer working with, laser marking and engraving systems. He has also worked closely with several mid-Indiana metal fabricating customers..

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