Dallas Industries to demonstrate feed line at FABTECH 2018

The UnderLoop SpaceSaver feed line features a reconfigured threading system with a servo-driven synthetic tension roll.

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The UnderLoop SpaceSaver feed line consists of a reconfigured threading system that features a servo-driven synthetic tension roll, UnderLoop lower threading table, and rocker-arm, de-bending assembly. Also included are powered coil guide rolls that eliminate the need for slide-on coil keepers. The servo feed with pull-through straightener combo features pilot release for both the upper feed and straightener rolls, making these lines ideal for progressive die applications.

FABTECH booth number: A2009

To Learn More:

Contact: Dallas Industries

Headquarters: Troy, MI

Product: UnderLoop SpaceSaver feed line

Key Feature: Powered coil guide rolls that eliminate the need for slide-on coil keepers

What Dallas Industries says:

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