Solid Concepts chooses EOSINT P 700

February 16--In its evaluation of large format laser sintering machines, Solid Concepts' criteria included accuracy, material properties, and affordable operations, but the main criterion was reliability.

February 16--Solid Concepts (Valencia, CA), a supplier of precise rapid prototyping and manufacturing services, has installed an EOSINT P 700, from EOS, to address customers' demands for large laser sintered parts. Following a thorough evaluation, the company selected the P 700 for its large capacity and reliable performance.

According to Chuck Alexander, director of rapid prototyping services, "Our customers are requesting parts that exceed the envelope of our present laser sintering machines. While we can build big parts in sections on our smaller machines, bonding the pieces takes time, increases expense and affects the strength of the laser sintered part. With the EOSINT P 700, we build the whole part in one piece for better mechanical properties."

The system features a build volume of 29 x 17 x 22 inches and dual CO2 lasers. It also offers an automated powder delivery system. Alexander says, "The delivery system reduces our labor costs, but more importantly, it gives us better process control. It gives us a consistent material mix, which means that our customers receive parts with consistent quality and strength."

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