Filter offers pump diode protection

July 3--Safe work with diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers and their harmonics is enabled with a new filter from Laservision

July 3--Diode-pumped laser systems are proving more cost efficient and durable than traditional flashlamp-pumped neodymium lasers. But using these systems can introduce a problem in the field of laser protection. Some not only emit the desired laser radiation at 1064 nm or their harmonics, but also 808 or 940 nm--the wavelength of the pump diodes.

As a manufacturer of laser filters, Laservision had previously developed a filter, T0528, that provided protection from these wavelengths and was originally produced in small quantities for use in research facilities.

According to the company, the "5" in front of the "28" showed the need of a so-called special CE approval. This is a service that Laser vision is able to provide with the approval of DIN CERTCO due to more than 20 years of experience. The new filter, T0028, will be approved for general use, which results in a lower price.

The mineral glass filter is available in the following frame styles: Vision, Eco, Protector, and the new All Star frame, which was introduced at Laser 2007, World of Photonics.

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