Laser manufacturer celebrates 20th anniversary

Mitsubishi Laser celebrated its 20th anniversary in North America with an open house Sept. 13 at its headquarters in Wood Dale, IL.

September 26, 2007--MC Machinery Systems Inc. welcomed more than 150 customers and industry experts at the Mitsubishi Laser open house on September 13. The event took place inside the Mitsubishi Laser showroom at the company headquarters in Wood Dale, IL, and marked Mitsibushi Laser's 20th anniversary in North America.

"Laser technology has evolved incredibly in the past 20 years," explains Mitsubishi Laser Product Manager Jeff Hahn, who has been with the division since its start in 1987. "We've never had to replace a resonator in one of our machines, and we're still doing business with several of our very first customers."

Mitsubishi introduced its fastest and most powerful laser, the high-performance NX series, with resonators available in 4000 and 6000 watts. The new structural configuration of the NX allows for G-forces of up to 2 Gs in XY and 4 Gs in Z.

"The fabrication industry is booming," comments VP of Sales, Bill Isaac. "At Mitsubishi Laser, we are continually delivering newer equipment, processes, and overall solutions to provide our customers with that unmatchable level of superior productivity."

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