Mitsubishi Laser celebrates milestone

March 23--It has been 20 years since Mitsubishi Laser introduced its first commerical laser cutting system to the U.S.

March 23--Mitsubishi Laser is celebrating 20 years of industry excellence. The company introduced its first commercial cutting laser system to the U.S. in 1987.

Although the division started with only five full-time employees, today Mitsubishi Laser has more than 60 employees. The company has opened multiple facilities across North America, including California, Michigan, Illinois, and Canada. Today nearly 1200 Mitsubishi lasers are being operated in North America.

Laser technology has evolved incredibly in the past 20 years," explains Jeff Hahn, the company's laser product manager, who has been with the division since its start in 1987. "And we're still doing business with several of our very first customers."

Interestingly, the first Mitsubishi laser boasted 1/2-in steel cutting capability at 1 to 2 inches per minute. Today the company's laser technology cuts 1/2-inch steel at 60 to 65 inches per minute.

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