Tangible Express orders 10 rapid manufacturing systems

March 16--The 10 systems from 3D Systems will support the company's recent launch of its Tangible Alliance Program.

March 16--3D Systems has received an order for 10 systems from Tangible Express, a pioneer in rapid prototyping and manufacturing fractional ownership. The company is expanding its capacity with the large systems order to support the recent launch of its Tangible Alliance Program (TAP).

TAP is a new and innovative hosted fractional ownership solution that enables customers to have access to the exact amount of rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing capacity they need without the associated operating, training, maintenance, facilities, and service costs.

Tangible Express already owns and operates a fleet of systems, which includes several Viper Pro SLA and Sinterstation HiQ HS SLS systems. The latest order includes six Viper Pro SLA systems, three Sinterstation HiQ HS SLS systems, and a Viper SLA system.

3D Systems is providing dedicated on-site service to Tangible Express to maximize system performance and up time.

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