InnoLas spins off three business units

InnoLas Systems produces laser systems for micro materials processing with a focus on production of solar cells

InnoLas GmbH (Krailling, Germany) has reorganised its business units. The new structure became effective as of 1 January 2009 and comprises the three independent companies InnoLas Systems GmbH, InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH and InnoLas Laser GmbH.

Richard Grundmüller is the manager of InnoLas Systems, which develops and produces laser systems for micro materials processing with a focus on the production of solar cells. InnoLas Semiconductor specialises in laser systems for wafer marking and is headed by manager Andreas Behr. Reinhard Kelnberger, last but not least, is the manager of InnoLas Laser, which develops and produces laser sources for scientific measuring applications and, in the future, also for materials processing.

The reorganisation was undertaken by the three managers to give legal and organisational expression to a sustained internal process during which each of the
three business sectors had become increasingly stronger and more independent. At the same time, the three companies are supposed to display their clear-cut
performance profiles even more conspicuously in the respective target markets.

Each of the companies functions as an independent enterprise with its own sales, development, production, and service division. Only with regard to the international customer service centers in the US (InnoLas Inc.) and in South East Asia (InnoLas South East Asia) do they rely on the same resources. Their respective real estate at the headquarters in Krailling has been the property of InnoLas Holding GmbH since

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