Mobius Photonics receives power control patent

The patent for precise average power control of green and UV fiber-based light sources targets process uniformity, repeatability, and pulse stability

Mobius Photonics has been awarded U.S. Patent #7,529,281, "Light source with precisely controlled wavelength-converted average power."

The key innovation protected by this patent is the control of wavelength-converted pulse energy and average power, achieved through control of the wavelength conversion efficiency. The patent is particularly useful in fiber MOPA (master-oscillator, power amplifier) systems where the IR fundamental wavelength is converted to green or UV wavelengths.

Dr. Laura Smoliar, CEO of Mobius Photonics Inc. said, "We are pleased that the United States Patent Office confirmed the novelty and utility of our power control concept. Our system's exceptional pulse stability and control enable superior process uniformity and repeatability for a diverse array of precision material processing applications, from scribing of large-format solar panels to meeting tight cutting or drilling tolerances needed for miniaturizing electronics. This patent further differentiates our products from incumbent laser technologies and other laser suppliers."

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