Gas distribution and management system

An advanced new gas distribution and management system provides for interchangeable service and continuous supply

An advanced new gas distribution and management system providing for interchangeable service and continuous supply has been introduced by CONCOA (Virginia Beach, VA).

Featuring an onboard Web server and embedded software for remote monitoring, secure system configuration, and e-mail notification of real-time system status and events, the unique IntelliSwitch II is ideally suited for analytical laboratory, chemical process, instrumentation, and critical gas supply applications.

The new system includes "look back" and electronic economizer features inherent in all CONCOA IntelliSwitch systems. Pushing a button or clicking a mouse allows for interchangeable service from high-pressure cylinders to cryogenic liquid cans. Such capability enables the user to change mode of supply based on the job or the current economic conditions, allowing smaller companies to compete efficiently and cost-effectively in a global market.

Proprietary monitoring software allows IntelliSwitch II to record and transmit data that enables the user to monitor activity from remote sources. An optional remote alarm system notifies appropriate personnel via telephone/e-mail continually until an emergency is resolved. Ensuring that all gas systems draw down equally, IntelliSwitch II monitors and validates them, eliminating overdraw. The unit reduces the amount of residual gas to 3 or 4 %, significantly less than the standard 8 to 10 %.

Field or remote adjustable software enables process flexibility and constant monitoring to ensure process or laboratory gas supply is maintained and efficient. "Low Loss" technology eliminates vaporization loss via proprietary valve design. The proprietary switching mechanism can be actuated locally or remotely to simplify installation and ensure failsafe gas supply.

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