Ultra-Low Absorption Lens

Ophir Optronics' Clear Magic ZnSe lens for high-power CO2 laser systems guarantees a maximum absorption level of 0.13%

Ophir Optronics Ltd. (Jerusalem, Israel; www.ophiropt.com) CO2 Optics Group has developed an ultra-low absorption lens called Clear Magic, as a complement to its Black Magic lens known for its high durability and long life expectancy

Clear Magic features the same unique characteristics of its Black Magic counterpart while providing the benefits of a coating transparent to visible light. The new lens uses the same top layer as Black Magic, which offers superior cleaning properties and scratch resistance. Its transparent coating allows HeNe beams to be seen on the workpiece, while polarizing filters help to detect thermally induced stress. Clear Magic is available in 1.5 in and 2 in diameters for most popular OEM systems.

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