Air-cooled nanosecond fiber lasers

Jenoptik offers the air-cooled nanosecond fiber lasers JenLas fiber ns 10-30 Watt in basic and advanced version

The JenLas fiber ns 10-30 Watt from Jenoptik (Jena, Germany) are air-cooled fiber lasers with an adjustable pulse length of 9 to 200 ns. Besides marking and labelling, they are well suited to perform a variety of cutting, drilling, and structuring jobs. Depending on the product model, peak pulse power of up to 15 kW can be achieved.

The JenLas fiber ns 10-30 Watt are available in basic versions and advanced versions, each version
representing a particular performance class. The basic systems with 10 or 20 Watt power provide a modulation range from 1 to 100 kHz and fixed pulse lengths. The basic systems are hardware controlled. The advanced systems with 12, 20, and 30 Watt power offer extended control capabilities and an enhanced range of performance. In addition, they facilitate CW operation and pulse repetition rates of up to 500 kHz with flexible pulse lengths adjustment. Each ns-laser type includes a beam delivery fiber with optical isolator. Jenoptik also
offers a comprehensive set of accessories such as air cooling heat sink, laser controller or beam expander.

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