Fiber-coupled, two-bar module

DILAS announces its smallest design within the fiber-coupled, multi-bar module series, capable of delivering up to 80 watts output from a 400-micron fiber at 808nm, 976nm and 1550nm.

DILAS' (Mainz, Germany; fiber-coupled, multi-bar modules feature a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. These fiber-coupled, multi-bar modules deliver 808nm and 976nm wavelengths at 80 watts output power and 1550nm at 30 watts,
through a 400µm core diameter fiber with a numerical aperture of <0.22 and WPE of >35%. This new housing meets customers demand for a small package and advanced features. The two-bar design is based on industry standard conductively cooled bars, which can be cooled with industrial grade water or thermo electrical air-cooling.

Achieving high brightness and high efficiency, this new module has demonstrated a lifetime greater than 10,000 hours at 80W CW operating condition.

Custom wavelengths are available upon request. These fiber-coupled, multi-bar modules are ideal for direct diode applications as well as fiber and solid-state laser pumping.

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