High Q Laser wins award for femtosecond amplifier

The femtoREGEN UC-INDUSTRIAL featuring performance, compactness, and reliability, is considered as a world novelty

The State of Vorarlberg and the Economic Chamber award this prize biennially to outstanding product innovations and R&D achievements. High Q Laser wins the Innovation Aaward 2008 for the ultra-compact femtosecond amplifier, the femtoREGEN UC-INDUSTRIAL. With its performance, compactness, and reliability the laser is considered as a world novelty.

"The main target of the development was the laser stability," says Karl Dobler, CEO of High Q Laser Innovation GmbH.

New Design concepts, tolerance calculations, and an optimized optics configuration lead to the development of an outstanding laser source. The design goals were a maintenance interval of 12 months and a lifetime of 5 years. The power of the all-in-one amplifier is 8W at a repetition rate of 500kHz and a pulse duration of 350fs. It is an ideal laser source for integration as an OEM product due to its compact size with a footprint of 78cm x 34cm, the all-in-one controller, and the ability for full remote control and signal read out.

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