Report from AKL: No recession in the Midlands

Despite signs of a double-dip recession in the UK, things have never been busier among domestic laser engineering shops, reports ILS' David A. Belforte.

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Aachen, Germany -- Just when I thought things were bleak with my friends and colleagues in the UK, what with the news that the country is now in a double-dip recession, I received a bit of good news during this week's International Technology Laser Congress (AKL).

Sharing a beer at an outdoor cafe with an old friend, Dr. John Powell, who is technical director at Laser Expertise Ltd. When I offered commiseration about the economic situation, he looked at me and declared: "Not in my industry." It seems that the engineering companies (our laser job shops), at least in the Midlands, have never been busier. John says the last four months have been the busiest in the company's decades of business -- so much so that they have placed an order for two more laser cutters valued at £800,000.

He places the blame for the recession talk on the banks, and claims that his industry is booming, and that his competitors also are placing new machine orders for their expanding business. When asked where the loan money comes from, he did admit that it was tight, but still available.

So, right on, guys. I hope your financial press picks up on this.

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