Iwaki unveils high-purity RD pumps

New high-purity RD series pumps offer improved wear characteristics that contribute to a cleaner fluid path, helping improve laser lifetime in laser cooling systems.

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Iwaki America, Holliston, MA, has introduced a new high-purity version of its RD series pumps, designed for extended life on thermal management systems.

The new RD pumps are equipped with the latest fluoropolymer (polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE) materials to offer improved wear characteristics. Teflon (DuPont's brand-name flavor of PTFE) eliminates particle shedding associated with alternative bearing materials, the company explained, and improved bearing reduces internal friction, limiting wear on rotating elements.

For laser cooling system manufacturers, improved wear characteristics contributes to a cleaner fluid path, and a clean clear cooling fluid stream helps increase the laser's lifetime -- the cleaner the liquid, the stronger the laser beam will be at the point of use, so the laser doesn't need to be driven as hard, the company explained.

Together, those improvements -- eliminating shedding/discoloration, and providing a cleaner fluid path -- can extend the lifetime of laser heads by 2x-3x, Iwaki says.

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