Data acquisition device for motion control

Aerotech Inc.'s new Sensor Fusion data acquisition device integrates with the company's A3200 motion controller to precisely align motion and data acquisition functions.

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Aerotech Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, has released a new data acquisition device to integrate with the company's A3200 motion controller to precisely align motion and data acquisition functions.

The Sensor Fusion accepts up to four different SF cards, for digital input/output, analog input/output, encoder input, and PSO output, usable in any configuration. Both high-power digital output cards and high-resolution analog output cards are offered. Breakout blocks simplify access to each of the inputs and outputs, while standard D-connectors on each card allow users to make cables from common parts. Data collection is synchronized across all cards, eliminating the need to align data after collection. Data collection, configuration, and analysis are done using Aerotech's A3200 software tools.

Setup, data recording, and data playback can be done through .NET, C, LabVIEW, MATLAB, or Aerotech’s own AeroBasic programming language. All inputs and outputs can be managed graphically through the I/O Manager utility built into the A3200's software.

Sensor Fusion has all of the PSO functionality from Aerotech's standard motion controller product lines, with single, double, and triple PSO available. Coupling data playback with Aerotech’s traditional PSO functionality allows control of up to 96 digital outputs or 48 analog outputs for precision control of multiple devices from one positioning system.

The device is available in three mounting configurations: desktop, rack mount, and panel mount. The desktop version is the standard, with integrated side handles and non-skid feet. The rack-mount version is designed for any standard 3U rack. Both the rack- and panel-mount relocate the power input to the proper side of the machine for the configuration.

Here's the official data sheet for the Sensor Fusion product.

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