Galvanometer scanners for positioning laser beams

Scanlab's new dynAXIS 3 rotary motors for laser beam positioning offer lower thermal drift and larger scan angles.

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Scanlab AG, Puchheim, Germany, has added a new series of galvanometer scanners primarily designed for positioning mirrors to deflect laser beams.

The four new rotary motors in the dynAXIS 3 family -- the 3T, 3S, 3M, and 3L models -- feature a revised position detector for exceptionally low drift for analog position detectors (offset drift < 3 μrad/K, gain drift < 12 ppm/K), as well as highest linearity (nonlinearity < 0.1%). They also offer integrated temperature regulation. Mechanical deflection angles are available up to ± 20° (i.e. ± 40° optical). Axially pre-loaded precision ball bearings guarantee a backlash-free rotor assembly with high stiffness and low friction. (Here's the company's official spec sheet.)

The new galvanometers are available immediately, and will be available shortly on the company's ScanCUBE, intelliCUBE, hurrySCAN, and intelliSCAN products.

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