iPhone app for calculating laser beam spot sizes

ULO Optics has released two iPhone apps for calculating spot sizes in Gaussian and fiber-delivered laser beams, including a capability to determine minimum thickness of cutting lenses to withstand cutting gas pressure in the nozzle.

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ULO Optics has released a free iPhone app for calculating spot sizes. The Spot Calculator calculates laser beam spot size and Rayleigh length (depth-of-focus) for a given beam, taking into account beam quality, wavelength, beam diameter, and focus length. The newest version (2.0) includes a calculator for minimum thickness of cutting lenses so they withstand cutting gas pressure in the nozzle.

One version of the app is optimized for Gaussian beams (mostly CO2); another calculates focus diameter and power density for fiber-delivered lasers. Input values are the laser power, fiber diameter, and collimating and focusing optics -- based on the fiber NA, the collimated beam diameter and depth-of-focus will be calculated.

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