ZnSe windows for spectrometers and detectors

Laser Research Optics' zinc selenide windows offer a very wide transmission range (0.1-18 μm) for use in spectrometers and detectors.

Aug 14th, 2012
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Laser Research Optics, Providence, RI, is offering zinc selenide (ZnSe) windows with a very wide transmission range for use in spectrometers and detectors.

The ZnSe Windows operate over a transmission range of 0.1-18 μm, with a very low absorption coefficient (0.0005/cm at 10.6 μm) and are non-hygroscopic. They can be supplied blank, polish finished, and DBAR coated in 0.5-3.0 in. OD sizes and various thicknesses to match specific customer requirements.

The chemical-vapor-deposition grown ZnSe Windows target systems operating in various bands within the material's transmission range; typical surface quality in the IR is 40-20 scratch-dig, 60-40 in the 0.8-7 μm region, and 60-40, 80-50, or 120-80 scratch-dig for 7-16 μm region.

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