Stories from Maiman's invention of the laser are disclosed in new book

A new book tells the inside stories, revolving around laser pioneer Ted Maiman and his company Korad Lasers, about the early days of lasers.

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Marina Del Rey, CA - Maiman’s Invention of the Laser: How Science Fiction Became Reality reveals the untold story of the invention that transformed the world. Based on nearly 50 personal interviews with bold laser pioneers at Maiman’s company, Korad Lasers, this fast-paced book rips the curtain from the cut-throat worlds of business, technology, and competition. It tells the inside story, from the early belief that the laser was nothing more than a death ray to its eventual triumph as a ubiquitous component transforming science, the Internet, medical, industry, and telecommunications.

The author, Rod Waters, joined Ted Maiman’s company, Korad Lasers, in 1965, and has been a laser guy ever since. His recollections make good reading for those of us who trace our laser backgrounds to those early days. This book is a readable history of the invention and development of the laser, told in stories, some of which are recalled from the decades-old memories of those who were there. Some of the anecdotal stories may have been colored by years of telling and retelling, but they still make entertaining reading.

I had the opportunity to review this book prior to publication and, as a former competitor of Ted Maiman and Korad on both the R&D level and in the commercial world, I enjoyed reading some of the 'inside' stories from when the 'East Coast' competition, Raytheon in my case, maneuvered for government funding contracts to develop an 'optical maser' to when American Optical Corporation, again in my case, bucked Konrad for the few dollars being spent in the US to buy the early industrial lasers for material processing.

Waters has been owner and president of industrial laser system manufacturing companies. He earned an undergraduate physics degree from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

The introductory price is $18, which includes California sales tax and US shipping. For more information, email

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