Photonics Industries releases diode-pumped picosecond lasers

Oct 23 08 - Photonics Industries (Bohemia, NY) has released the RG series very high pulse energy diode-pumped picosecond laser. The series produces over 3mJ per pulse at 1kHz, and more than 10W at 10kHz at 1064nm with ~15ps nominal pulse widths, while still maintaining TEM00 mode quality in a compact, industrial reliable package.

Higher power versions (25W and 40W @ 10kHz) or pulse energy (5mJ/pulse and 8mJ/pulse @1kHz) are also available from Photonics Industries with added amplifier stages. Harmonic output such as 532nm, 355nm, 266nm, and 213nm can be ordered as needed.

Part 1: The third day of the five day EuroBlech 2008 was almost a carbon copy of the second. Hoards of people thronged the aisles, especially in Halls 11 to 13, which have the largest concentration of industrial laser exhibitors.

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