Sliver of Light I: lasers in medical device and solar applications

PhotoMachining Inc. of Pelham, NH, announces a month of record bookings in December to end 2008.

Editors Note: The ILS staff is getting a little weary from the continuing bad economic news from the global manufacturing sector. So, call us a Pollyanna if you will, but we need some good news. I call good news "Slivers of Light" and this section of the ILS home page will feature as many items in this vein that we can find.

So congratulations to Ron Schaeffer (an ILS Contributing Editor) and the PhotoMachining team for this good news and for giving us the impetus to start this series. And a happy and MORE prosperous New Year to all.--DAB

PhotoMachining ( of Pelham, NH announces a month of record bookings in December to end 2008. Combined with orders already in hand, they will start 2009 with a backlog almost equal to 2008 shipments. They project increases in business in both their Job Shop and Systems Divisions as well as in their Refurbished Equipment Division. The driving factors behind this growth are customer service and strategic positioning. Near term growth markets appear to be in medical device manufacturing and solar applications. Because they do not do much work in the automotive or semiconductor markets they are less affected by the ongoing recession than others in the industry. They have recently added staff and predict that the company will add more people to fill in some growth areas in 2009.

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