Laser system aids pursuit of perfection

With the award of a OneGeorgia equity loan of $500,000, Southern Perfection Fabrication has purchased a new laser system for its metal fabrication operations and expanded its workforce.

SPF is a family-owned business that manufactures metal and plastic racks, carts, and other items used, for example, in the bakery and automotive industries and for retailers such as Lowe's and Kohl's. The company's mobile merchandise racks are used for transporting goods to retailers and for displaying merchandise.

Nmark SSaM from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) features direct, coordinated control of scanner and servo axes to eliminate the programming overhead associated with gluing together two separate control systems, resulting in reduced implementation time and increased marking efficiency. Scanner motion can be combined with rotary axis motion to mark on the face or edge of cylindrical profiles. Rectangular bitmaps that exceed the scanner field of view width can be marked in one continuous operation. Complex operations that comprise many small features distributed across a large area can be marked in a continuous fashion with a significant reduction in processing time.

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