COMPACT series turnkey diode laser system extends power range

DILAS Industrial Laser Systems (Mainz, Germany) announced the power extension to 500W, 400µm fiber at 980nm for its COMPACT Series, a product line of fiber-coupled, turnkey diode laser systems.

Utilizing a QBH high-power fiber, the COMPACT 500/400 delivers 500W of cladding-free optical power and is an ideal source for fiber laser pumping, materials processing, and medical applications. Up to power levels of 100W, the COMPACT Series is also available air-cooled with a SMA fiber. DILAS Industrial Laser Systems can incorporate all available wavelengths into the COMPACT Series, ranging from 640nm to 2200nm. The system includes a 5m metal-armored fiber, optical imaging unit, and laser warning lamps.

New from GSI Lasers (Rugby, UK), the JK100P, 100W Nd:YAG short-pulsed laser combines high peak power (10kW), short pulses (15-200us),and high repetition rates (2000Hz) to make this laser ideal for cutting thick sections of silicon wafers and other similar materials.

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