IPG enters merchant diode business

IPG offers its compact, 20W fiber-coupled diode lasers to OEMs for industrial, medical, dental, printing, and telecom applications

IPG Photonics is now selling its most powerful and highest brightness fiber-coupled diode lasers on a merchant basis to OEM customers in a variety of industries. The diode lasers provide more than 20 watts of ultra-reliable output power in a compact size, allowing original equipment manufacturers to lower their cost per watt and increase equipment lifetimes.

"We have developed and manufactured the world's finest diodes for use in our line of industrial fiber lasers," said Bill Shiner, IPG's vice president-industrial markets. "Now we are offering this same technology to OEMs for their applications. customers can benefit fromour diode's unique high-power and performance at a lower cost per watt by leveraging IPG's high production volume and uneaqualled production capabilities. with higher powers available, our PLD Series provides OEMs an alternative to low-power single emitters and inefficient diode bars with short lifecycles."

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