Subsidiary of Air France buys laser system

C.R.M.A. buys Laserdyne system to repair/refurbish turbine engine components

C.R.M.A. (Societe de Construction et de Reparation de Materiel Aeronautique), a subsidiary of Air France in Elancourt, France, specializes in repairing and refurbishing turbine engine components. Established in 1957, the company currently has more than 300 employees. The C.R.M.A. mission is to be the center of excellence for repairing Air France's engines. The acquisition of a new Laserdyne 790 XS-CL50k from Prima North America (Champlin, MN) is designed to enhance that position, according to a joint announcement made by the two companies.

Terry L. VanderWert, president of Prima North America, said the order includes both the supply of a turnkey Laserdyne 790 XS system and the development of custom laser processes and part programs for several unique C.R.M.A. operations.

"The laser process and part program development will be under the direction of Peter Thompson, technical director for Laserdyne Systems," reported VanderWert. "Mr. Thompson will guide the development process for C.R.M.A. utilizing the next generation of Laserdyne hardware and software features, and oversee all facets of system use to achieve maximum productivity. This dual approach—providing an innovative laser system together with full process development—will ensure that customers derive the full productivity and reliability of their Laserdyne systems and that they are, in a word, successful."

C.R.M.A.'s 790 XS is a six-axis system that has Laserdyne's latest and most powerful controller, the S94P. The system includes a full complement of Laserdyne hardware and software features.

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