Mobius Photonics releases G1R3 fiber-based laser source for precision materials processing

Mobius Photonics, Mountain View, Calif., is releasing its "G1R3" laser source. G1R3 is a fiber-based, short-pulse high-repetition-rate that can generate UV, green, or infrared output.

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Mobius Photonics, Mountain View, Calif., is releasing its "G1R3" laser source. G1R3 is a fiber-based, short-pulse, high-repetition-rate system that can generate ultraviolet, green, or infrared output. It is intended for precision materials processing applications such as micromachining, solar cell manufacturing, and via drilling.

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"With the Mobius G1R3 laser design, we've parlayed our experience developing fiber-based sources for microelectronic and semiconductor applications into a system that combines short pulses, high repetition rates and high output powers with excellent beam quality," said Manuel Leonardo, Mobius vice president of technology. "The result is a laser that's been demonstrated to quickly and efficiently ablate material while producing a minimal heat affected zone. It's intended for applications that demand precision cutting, scribing or drilling with rapid throughput."

Mobius' G1R3 is based on a master-oscillator, fiber-power-amplifier (MOFPA) architecture. The standard system is available in three configurations: one that produces up to 30 W of 1064 nm output, a second that produces up to 18 W at 532 nm, and a third that produces up to 12 W at 355 nm. Mobius has also demonstrated power scaling of its G1 platform to reach higher average powers in the UV and green.

In addition, the company holds a patent covering multi-head operation from a single system. Using this technique, synchronized laser heads could provide higher system power output, or, if used separately, could allow parallel material processing.

G1R3 systems provide tunable pulses between 2 and 6 ns and allow repetition rates as high as 2 MHz. Pulse widths remain consistent with changes in rep rate. G1R3 sources produce diffraction-limited output over a range of user-adjustable pulse repetition frequencies and pulse widths. Designed with simple integration in mind, G1R3 lasers are air cooled. A modular product design also facilitates servicing and upgrades.

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