Deep UV excimer laser mirrors

Newport mirrors have projected lifetimes >30 B pulses.

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Irvine, CA - Newport Corp. has introduced long-lived deep ultraviolet (UV) excimer laser mirrors with projected lifetimes greater than 30 billion pulses when used in the proper photocontamination controlled environment. The advanced mirrors feature all dielectric high reflector coatings to minimize absorption and maximize reflected energy at 193 nm.

The high energy laser mirrors are designed with Excimer-grade UV fused silica substrates which are polished to better than lambda/10 flatness and 10-5 surface quality to preserve wavefront quality and maintain excellent stability. All coating and testing are done in a special photocontamination controlled deep UV cleanroom that has been qualified to 193 nm standards.

Newport’s laser mirrors offer high laser damage resistance. Special Pet-G and metal foil packaging ensure that parts are delivered clean and protected from any environmental photocontamination.

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