Kilowatt fiber lasers

IPG Photonics releases the YLS-xxx-Y13 series at Photonics West 2013.

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San Francisco, CA - IPG Photonics Corp. announced at Photonics West a new generation of kilowatt class low-mode Ytterbium fiber lasers. The YLS-xxx-Y13 series of lasers offer lower operating costs and service requirements over IPG’s current best-in-class lasers.

The improved 1060 nm laser from IPG extends the range of applications for fiber lasers.

The main benefits include increased wall plug efficiency (up to 33% from 28-30%), up to two times average improvement in beam quality and an increase in the estimated mean time of uninterrupted laser operation from the current 1.5 years to greater than 3 years. As a result of the many technological improvements and increased reliability, IPG now offers for this series an three-year warranty, an upgrade from the current two-year warranty.

The customer benefits stem from the many technological improvements over IPG’s existing high performance products. These new improvements include:

  • New higher power diode modules,
  • New fiber block design with 3X increase in damage power threshold, resulting in increased reliability,
  • New basic line of basic single-mode fiber modules with higher power and efficiency,
  • New internally developed and manufactured modular digital power supplies with higher efficiency and enhanced unparalleled redundancy features,
  • New digital laser diode current drivers with increased control flexibility, stability and precision,
  • New control system allowing integrated control of both laser and process subsystem,
  • New generation of compact multichannel beam switches, hermetically sealed for enhanced reliability,
  • New sealed laser cabinet design allowing for more reliable laser operation in extreme operating conditions, and
  • New innovative high performance process heads for welding, cutting and remote welding applications.

Visit IPG Photonics at Photonics West, February 5-7, 2013, Moscone Center, Booth #1001.

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