Compact lasers for bioinstrumentation

Spectra-Physics has added three new wavelengths to the Excelsior One platform of lasers.

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Santa Clara, CA - Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corp. brand, announces the expansion of the Excelsior One continuous wave (CW) lasers series. Three new wavelengths of 515, 553, and 594 nm have been added, resulting in a total of 14 wavelengths available from the Excelsior One platform of compact, integrated lasers. The expanded series offers the largest variety of diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) and direct-diode laser technology offered today. The lasers good for use in flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, DNA sequencing, and other bioinstrumentation applications.

The new Excelsior One models deliver output powers of 50 mW at 515 and 553 nm. The 594 nm wavelength model features advanced, high-output power of 100 mW. The product family includes direct diode and DPSS technology in a consistent, single and compact footprint with a common electronics interface.

The Excelsior One platform is based on Spectra-Physics "It’s In the Box" design, where the laser cavity and control electronics are integrated into a single, compact package, thereby eliminating unnecessary cables and external controllers. All lasers deliver TEM00 mode quality and very low optical noise for highest signal-to-noise ratio. The DPSS models are available in single or multi-longitudinal mode versions. Easy to configure, all models are equipped with a RS 232 software interface, and the direct-diode models include high speed modulation (TTL and analog).

Spectra-Physics' Excelsior One series lasers will be featured at LASER World of Photonics booth 213 in Munich, Germany, May 13-16 2013 and at CYTO 2013, San Diego, USA May 19-22, 2013.

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