Ophir expands in Germany

Ophir Spiricon Europe will handle sales, service, and repair in Darmstadt.

Jerusalem, Israel - Ophir Photonics, a manufacturer of precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corp. brand, has opened a new office in Darmstadt, Germany. Ophir Spiricon Europe is dedicated to sales, service, recalibration, and repair of all Ophir power and energy meters and Spiricon and Photon beam analyzers. The new office provides customers across Europe with the high quality, expert services in a fraction of the time. Christian Dini will serve as GM.

"Laser technology now touches all our lives, from medicine to materials processing to global communications," stated Yoram Shalev, sales & marketing director, Ophir Photonics. "Pan-European demand is increasing across a wide array of scientific, medical, and industrial applications. This means the opportunities are tremendous for laser measurement equipment. Ophir is dedicated to delivering both the innovative technology and the service that will meet these needs."

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