Optomec’s additive manufacturing portfolio reaches 35 patents

Six new patents for printed electronics were granted in 2012.

Albuquerque, NM - Optomec’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio in the field of additive manufacturing has grown to 35 patents with the addition of six new patents granted in 2012. These new patents cover inventions for the company’s Aerosol Jet technology used for printed electronics. Optomec also announced it has received notices of allowance for additional patents that are expected to be granted in 2013.

The newly granted patents included three in the US and three in Asia. Of particular note, Optomec received protection for its technologies that enable printing of high conductivity circuitry onto temperature-sensitive plastic (low cost) substrates using laser curing techniques. Additionally, the company received patents in the area of printed passive structures (i.e., resistors, antenna, etc.); tilting of the head to enable printing on 3D surfaces; and high resolution printing for fine feature electronics.

Finally, Optomec received several patents protecting hardware enhancements that enable high throughput printing for high volume manufacturing applications. These include multiplexing strategies for key elements of the Aerosol Jet system, including the atomizer that serves as the input mechanism and the focusing head that defines printed output.

Optomec is a leader in the emerging field of additive manufacturing. Its patented solutions are gaining traction in end markets ranging from consumer electronics, to energy and life sciences, to aerospace and defense. The company’s patented Aerosol Jet solution is used to produce 2D/3D printed electronics, reducing the size and cost of electronic systems by using nanomaterials to directly print fine-feature circuitry, embedded components, and miniaturized devices. Their LENS solution is a 3D printer for metals that is used to fabricate and repair high value metal components. Optomec is a growing, US-based small business with a global customer base of more than 150 marquee users.

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