Ultratech ships laser anneal system and secures repeat WLP order

Ultratech has shipped its first ambient control laser spike anneal system and has also secured a repeat order for a high-volume lithography system for WLP.

SAN JOSE, CA - Ultratech Inc. has made two recent announcements: it has shipped its first ambient control laser spike anneal system, and it has also secured a repeat order for its high-volume AP300W lithography system for wafer-level packaging (WLP) applications.

LSA201 system shipped
Ultratech has made its first shipment of its LSA201 system to a leading IDM. The LSA201 is built on a new platform that enables precise control over the gases that surround the wafer during processing (i.e., ambient control). At the customer's facility, the system will be used to develop leading-edge logic technology, mainly focusing on FinFETs. This first shipment of the LSA201 is an example of Ultratech's continuing efforts to develop solutions that enable the leading-edge technology roadmaps of its global customers. Ultratech plans to begin volume shipments of the LSA201 in the second half of 2013.

"As devices scale below 20nm, there are an increasing number of applications beyond dopant activation which involve interface engineering or film modification, such as advanced silicide formation and high K anneal. Precise control of the wafer ambient is required for these kinds of processes, and the LSA201 delivers this capability. As more of these types of processes are incorporated into leading-edge device flows, we expect the LSA201 to become our flagship product," said Jeff Hebb, VP of laser product marketing at Ultratech.

Ultratech's LSA201 LSA system built on the highly customizable Unity Platform includes a patented micro chamber design which enables full-wafer ambient control in a scanning laser system. The micro chamber is a system which does not require the use of vacuum hardware. The current system is capable of running mixtures of any inert gases, but the micro-chamber architecture is extendible to more reactive gases for future processes. The LSA201 targets middle-of-line (MOL) applications, such as silicide formation, and advanced front-end-of-line (FEOL) applications, such as defect annealing. The LSA201 is well suited for processes such as interface engineering and film property modification where ambient control is critical at sub-20nm.

Repeat order for AP300W lithography system
Ultratech has also received a repeat order from a leading outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) company in Asia. The AP300W lithography system built on Ultratech's customizable Unity Platform will be utilized for WLP applications to support growth driven by communication devices.

As advanced packaging technology requirements evolve, OSATs will play an important role in establishing the supply chain.

"Demand for thinner mobile communication devices such as smartphones and tablets are driving much of the growth in WLP," said Jan Vardaman, president and founder of TechSearch International. "Many of the suppliers of the integrated circuits used in these products depend on OSATs to meet their production needs. It is expected that the OSAT expansion will continue over the next several years to address this growth opportunity."

Ultratech Inc. is a supplier of lithography and laser processing systems used to manufacture devices used in front-end semiconductor, back-end semiconductor, and nanotechnology applications.

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