SME changes its name but not its goals

The SME identifies 2017 strategic directions and adopts its letters as its official brand.

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Dearborn, MI - The Board of Directors of the SME elected to adopt the letters SME as the official brand of the organization, and they will no longer use its full legal name, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. While the organization's legal name remains the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, its use will be limited to legal contracts and agreements. Everyone should now refer to the organization simply as SME.

The organization’s SME 2017 Strategic Direction includes a new vision, mission and purpose. In addition, it also identifies SME's key stakeholders and core values, and emphasizes the key areas within SME: Membership, Education Foundation, Events, Manufacturing Engineering Media, and Training & Development.

A new SME logo design is based on the idea that SME is shaping the future. The center of these two shapes - or negative space - pays homage to the heritage of SME and its previous diamond logo. The fresh, new three-color graphic design shows the connection between our reach and our strength.

The SME’s new tagline - Making the future. Together. -stresses how vital “making things” is to the economy and way of living, and "together" emphasizing the importance how we work with individuals, companies, communities, government and other organizations to meet the needs of those impacted by manufacturing.

All of SME's activities are making it possible for manufacturing to move forward and be a strong foundation for our country and the world to prosper. Changing the brand and associated messaging allows the organization to connect to an even wider group of people in manufacturing, as well as to continue to address critical needs, such as the shortage of engineers, technologists and technicians already impacting most manufacturing industries today, and preparing the current and next-generation workforce for tomorrow.

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