NAMII sends out second call for additive manufacturing projects

The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute will provide $9 million for multiple awards for applied research and development projects from NAMII members.

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Youngstown, OH - NAMII, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, driven by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), has announced its second call for additive manufacturing (AM) applied research and development projects from NAMII members. NAMII will provide $9 million in funding for multiple awards.

“Today’s announcement of NAMII’s second call for projects is the accumulation of months of focused work and in-depth analysis on two fronts that are intrinsically linked: The creation of a formal, member-driven project call process and the development of a National Additive Manufacturing Roadmap, our technology investment strategy,” said NAMII Director and NCDMM Vice President Ed Morris. “Both initiatives originated from NAMII’s efforts to capture the voice of our community, beginning in April with our initial Program Management Review (PMR) meeting, continuing at our RAPID appearance in June, and progressing throughout a series of NAMII member-only workshops held in July.

“The input we gathered across the board was invaluable,” continued Mr. Morris. “As a result, NAMII now has a robust project call process in place that can be leveraged for all future calls. It will also drive the ongoing evolution of a very timely, accurate, and forward-looking Roadmap. Together, the process and Roadmap enabled us to identify a comprehensive set of priorities - needs, gaps, and opportunities - within our industry.”

NAMII's second call for projects comes just two weeks after commemorating its first anniversary. It currently has 80 members.

The Project Call request for proposal (RFP) has five technical topic areas:
* Design for Additive Manufacturinng
* Additive Manufacturing Materials
* Process and Equipment
* Qualification and Certification
* Knowledgebase Development
Each topic area has one or more subtopic areas. Proposals submitted to NAMII can address one or more of the technical topic areas, but must address all evaluation criteria.

The NAMII Project RFP process is open to all organizations as long as they are partnered with a NAMII member, and the NAMII member submits the proposal on behalf of that project partnership/collaboration as the lead proposer.

An email notice of intent to submit from the lead proposer of the project team is requested to be submitted directly to NAMII no later than Friday, September 27, 2013, and all proposals are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, October 31, 2013.


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