High-pulse energy laser

Photonics Industries releases DM100-527 high pulse energy YLF laser.

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Bohemia, NY - Photonics Industries (PI) developed high efficiency Q-switched, intra-cavity second harmonic Nd:YLF green pump lasers back in 1993. PI continues this trend with releasing its DM100-527, a high pulse energy laser, commercially available, such that there is 100 mJ at 1 kHz and 50 mJ at 3 kHz in a single polarization. Furthermore, this high pulse energy is scalable to 200 mJ with the DM100-527 in a dual head configuration for applications ranging from ultrafast Ti:sapphire amplifier pumping and particle image velocimetry (PIV) to annealing semiconductor materials for the power industry.

In the ultrafast laser community, higher pulse energy pump laser experiments at low rep rates are proving to be effective. The trend now is to move to higher pulse energies at higher (~ kHz) rep rates. The excellent beam quality of the DM Series laser (M2 ~ 9 to 15) combined with our shorter pulse widths has been demonstrated to be suitable for ultrafast pumping. Also since PI's DM Series laser is designed with a large thermal lensing tolerance range, the DM laser is much less sensitive to thermal lensing. Thermal lensing limits the ability to changing rep rates. (e.g., 1 kHz to 10 kHz). The DM lasers' rep rates can be varied from the front panel by the end-user in the field.

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