Galvanometer-based scanner

ScannerMAX has released the Compact-506 galvanometer-based optical scanner, with a tiny but mighty design, useful for compact medical devices and laser image projection.

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Orlando, FL - ScannerMAX has released the Compact-506 model optical scanner. This "tiny but mighty" Compact-506 optical scanner is perfect for applications where small package size, light weight, and low cost are important.

Although the Compact-506 is very small, it is built upon ScannerMAX’s patented VRAD actuator platform, which gives the Compact-506 scanner significant performance advantages when compared to conventional galvos on the market, the company says. The Compact-506 features a very strong rotor construction and 6mm bearings, allowing it to move small mirrors as well as very large mirrors up to 1-inch in diameter.

The Compact-506 optical scanner also has a comparatively high coil impedance of 3 ohms, making it very easy to drive, even when power is limited. Moreover, being a members of the VRAD family, the mirror position is restored to a fail-safe when power is removed, due to the magnetic spring return action.

ScannerMAX (a division of Pangolin Laser Systems Inc.) is an emerging manufacturer of galvanometer based optical scanners, rotary actuators, torque motors and rotary solenoids.

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