Wire marking system

LASELEC's ULYS Modena wire markers and auto-feed system will reduce wire waste.

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Toulouse, France - A new wire marking system that will reduce wire waste in industry has been designed by LASELEC. The company has developed a method that uses ULYS Modena wire markers and an automatic feeding system to reduce waste from 1 m to between 4 and 12 cm.

Each time production begins on a new type of wire, up to a meter is wasted, which can lead to substantial costs due to the price of aeronautical wire, for example.

The system can be mounted on both single-spool and multi-spool de-reelers and can also be retrofitted on all ULYS Modena machines that are already installed.

Using UV lasers to identify electric wiring is currently a method in widespread use in both military and civilian projects, as it is a process that provides indelible marking without damaging the insulation, thanks to the machine's robust and reliable wire de-reeling and cutting system.

Entities involved in modification, maintenance and repair of aircraft are showing growing interest in this technology. The MRO 200 was developed by LASELEC specifically to meet the needs of such aerospace companies. Devoted to small and medium-size production runs and to unit-by-unit production, this range of markers is used in workshops producing such runs and can be used for rework.

A key benefit of direct UV-laser marking is a reduction in the wiring weight, which subsequently reduces the weight of the wire-equipped devices, lowering users' energy costs. Such wire marking is gradually replacing sleeving in the aeronautics industry, and LASELEC equipment is used by all the main aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, EADS, Embraer, Eurocopter, Northrop Grumman, Sikorsky and Westland Helicopters.

LASELEC makes over 80% of its turnover outside France.

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