DM3D Technology completes POM Group acquisition

Company will use direct metal deposition to provide additive metal processing services.

Auburn Hills, MI - DM3D Technology LLC (DM3D) and CITG Capital Group (CITG) have completed the asset purchase of The POM Group Inc. (POM), including but not limited to, POM’s proprietary and patented additive metal manufacturing technology called direct metal deposition (DMD) .

Based in Michigan, DM3D is a newly formed company that will specialize in providing hard facing and other additive metal processing services to new components and wear parts using DMD technology. "DM3D is commercializing specific applications and will be utilizing the DMD technology to further grow and expand our company’s offerings," said DM3D’s interim CEO Roger Parsons. "Utilizing this proprietary technology, we see significant growth opportunities in the additive metal manufacturing market."

The POM Group Inc. is a 12-year-old company and was an early originator of the full service provider of technologies and services for rapid product development. POM is the inventor of the laser-based technology for metal synthesis and component fabrication called direct metal deposition, an enabling technology that fabricates fully dense functional metal products directly from CAD data using powdered metal and a focused laser beam.

CITG Capital invests in growth-oriented, entrepreneurial companies in a wide variety of industries. CITG has more than 15 years of experience in investment banking and private equity, providing expertise in evaluating investment opportunities, transaction execution and proactive portfolio management.

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