New prize in laser science and applications announced

European Physical Society will recognize recent work done in Europe or in cooperation with European researchers. 

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Munich, Germany - The European Physical Society (EPS) Prize for Research in Laser Science and Applications is a new major prize awarded on behalf of the European Physical Society through its Quantum Electronics & Optics Division (QEOD). The prize is awarded every 2 years in recognition of recent work by 1 to 3 individuals for scientific excellence in the area of laser science and applications in its broadest sense.

Relevant topics include laser source development, power-scaling concepts, pump source development, nonlinear optics, ultrafast sources, material science, spectroscopic and characterization techniques, and applications both in optics and photonics as well as in other fields.

The work for which the individual(s) is/are nominated must be such that a significant component of it was performed during the period 5 years prior to the award. In addition, the award will recognize research for which a significant portion of the work was carried out in Europe or in cooperation with European researchers, and may be given for either pure or applied research. Nomination packets will consist of a CV and publication list of the nominee(s), a 2-page summary of the significance of the work, which is the subject of the nomination, a suggested citation, and up to 4 letters of support.

The deadline for submissions is April 7, 2013, and the winner will be announced along with the first call for papers for the next edition of the EPS Europhoton Conference in September 2013. A single PDF or ZIP file with all materials as above should be sent on line.

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