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Two comments on LASYS from the USA and Europe

Successful start

Judging from comments made to the organizers by exhibitors and visitors to the inaugural LASYS, held in Stuttgart the first week of March, the concept of a laser show focused on systems solutions in laser materials processing was well received. Certainly the German exhibitors that ILS interviewed supported the show theme, while some of the non-Germans suggested that the next convening should put more emphasis on international exhibitors, a position that ILS endorses.

Regardless, one has to admire the German passion for trade shows. LASYS was affected to some degree by two strikes—one by airport employees and another by U-Bahn (underground) employees—and yet attendance was only down by a small percentage from that anticipated.

We were there in support of the exhibiting industrial laser product suppliers and to introduce the newest member of the ILS Global Franchise, Industrial Laser Europe. My colleague Franz Gruber, who shares this space this month, and the ILS team met with a majority of advertisers and visitors, receiving a warm response to a special “appetizer” issue of the magazine.

While economic news from home remained negative, and the dollar continued its slide against the Euro, we sensed a positive attitude about business prospects this year from our European cousins, and US manufacturers are enjoying their pricing advantage in Europe.

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David A. Belforte

European perspective

It was clear from the start that LASYS would be something special. I cannot remember any show that has generated preliminary discussions of such controversy. In the end, one simply had to go to Stuttgart to make up his/her own mind.

Even before the opening date it was clear that LASYS would surpass its goals. The only thing left open was the question of visitor numbers, which remained 10% below what was expected. Before one can speak of a real evaluation, however, one must take a closer look.

Admittedly, the well-filled hall with the professionally built stands reminded me at first of the Hall B3 at the Munich Laser Show. But just at first. Curious expectation was the gist of the commentary from the exhibitors on the first day—with the entire spectrum of estimations to be heard. On the third and final day, “Super show!” or “Great contacts!” was the typical exhibitor comment. Few negative comments were heard. The intended target group for laser system technology had made its way to Stuttgart.

First-time events always hope for a bit of indulgence and goodwill in their evaluation, even when the targeted visitors’ goals are not achieved and the hoped-for internationality of the visitors not felt. This LASYS, however, indisputably, has no indulgence necessary: LASYS is established!

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Franz Gruber

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