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Compiled by Laureen Belleville,

Manufacturing cell

Th 0507ils Product1
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The Laser Brilliance flexible manufacturing cell from Finn-Power International Inc. (Schaumburg, IL; combines a turret punch press with the latest generation of CO2 lasers. The slab laser with 2500 watts of power is integrated into the Laser Brilliance to allow faster and economical fabrication while utilizing a wide range of sheet material. According to the manufacturer, process dwell times have either been eliminated or reduced to the barest minimum. A major contributing factor is the fact that many material flow and handling operations are performed simultaneously. Accuracy is retained at a high level during punching and laser cutting due to no need for re-clamping. Two packages are offered: the LB-6 and the LB-8.

Air-cooled diode-pumped laser

With the new PP series of diode-pumped Innoslab lasers EdgeWave GmbH (Würselen, Germany; offers new dimensions in material processing. The PP series’ air-cooled function permits compact laser dimensions, making it economical and easy to integrate and manage in machines. Reportedly no bigger than a shoebox, the laser delivers average power up to 30 W, pulse maximum power to 1 MW, and pulse frequencies to 50 kHz. The pulse duration lies between 4 ns and 15 ns. Applications include plasma generating, deep drilling, separating, structuring, cleaning, polishing, and marking and for the interior engraving of transparent materials and rapid prototyping.

Energy detectors

Th 0507ils Product2
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The Model PD10-pJ and PD10 photodiode energy heads from Ophir Optronics Inc. (Wilmington, MA; have been improved to handle higher rep rates. The PD10-pJ has pulse energy measurements of 10 pJ-200 nJ, up to 10,000 Hz. It features a spectral response from 0.19 to 1.1 µm, built-in calibration in 1nm increments. The PD10 energy detector has pulse energy measurements of 1nJ-20µJ, up to 10,000 Hz. Both products are compatible with the company’s Nova, Nova II Handheld, LaserStar, Dual Channel LaserStar, and the Orion PE Handheld smart displays.

Short-pulse laser

New from Photonics Industries (Bohemia, NY;, the DS series DS20 Nd:YLF based laser produces >5mJ/pulse at 1053nm, 3mJ/pulse at 527nm, and >1.5mJ/pulse at 351nm, all at 1kHz with the pulsewidth of 4ns and diffraction-limited mode quality. The repetition rate can be varied from single shot to 10kHz. Patented and patent pending UV generation technology produces high harmonic conversion efficiency and reliable operation. Applications include microvia drilling, cutting, marking, trimming, and material processing.

Crystal quartz waveplates

Meller Optics’ (Providence, RI; crystal quartz waveplates are 75 to 150 µm thick to provide a lambda/4 and lamba/2 wave retardation and are less sensitive to temperature, acceptance angle, and wavelength than other 1000 µm multiple order waveplates. Polished to a precise finish and ±0.3 µm thickness tolerance, they can be supplied with “V” coat or broadband A/R coatings at ≤0.25 percent R per surface.

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