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Deep engraver
Electrox (Indianapolis, IN; has developed a laser-based system for deep engraving. Based on the Scriba lamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser marking system, to create an effective deep engraving system, it is far more versatile and gives much faster cycle times and therefore greater productivity than traditional engraving methods. Metal removal rates are up to 12mm3. According to the company, this system is useful for applications in the mold, tool, and electronics industry. The laser system ensures minimal material recast. All types of metal, including hard materials such as tool steels and soft materials such as aluminum, can be engraved using this system. The system can also be used on components where surface finish could be damaged by clamping systems, those which can be distorted and those which are difficult to hold.

Fiber lasers

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A series of high-power OEM fiber lasers from Manlight (Lannion, France; provide power of 10 to 50 watts CW and 5 to 20 watts in Q-switched mode. According to the company, excellent beam quality, due to state-of-the-art pump laser diodes, and high power stability enable the product to be used in a range of industrial applications. The company’s patented “Injection in fiber & All fibre” technology guarantees a compact and robust design. Several accessories, laser control options, and customized requirements are available on request. The Ytterbium fiber lasers also can be delivered as a 19-inch turnkey version.

Mini laser welder

The Orotig XXS bench-top laser welder from Harris Discount Supply Ltd. (Oklahoma City, OK; has a 10X microscope, two-line LCD, in-chamber joy stick, adjusted parameters, integrated-amp cooling, argon flood, adjustable halogen light, and a compressed air nozzle for cooling inside the welding chamber. It measures 16W x 21D x 11H inches and weighs only 60 lbs. It is available with a two-year warranty and an additional five-million pulse warranty on the flashlamp.

Ceramic material

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CoorsTek (Golden, CO; announced the introduction of its CeraLase ceramic materials developed specifically for laser reflector/pump chamber applications. The CeraLase AHP-99 grade provides greater than 98 percent reflectance at typical solid-state laser wavelengths (as verified by independent lab, Labsphere). These ceramic materials also offer superior dielectric strength, thermal stability, strength, and hardness over traditional diffuse reflector materials.

Flat sheet tube cutter

Available from BLM Group U.K. (Bedfordshire, UK;, the Adige LT Combo is a combined, automated, CNC system for laser cutting of tube and flat steel sheet. Reportedly, it takes less than three minutes to change automatically from the tube to flat steel sheet machining. The LT Combo is of modular design, which means the system can be configured to suit individual requirements in terms of floor space, machining capacity, and the degree of automation involved. The maximum sheet size that can be machined on the LT Combo is 3000mm x 8000mm, while maximum tube section sizes of 225mm (round), 160 mm x 160mm (square), and 200mm x 100mm (rectangular) can be machined along a maximum length of 6500mm. Machining of flat sheet is completed to a positioning accuracy of 0.05mm and a positioning repeatability of 0.03mm, while 3D design and programming of tubular components and complex tubular structures (frames) is made simple with Adige CAD/CAM Tubework and Assembler software.

Pulsed fiber laser

Lumics GmbH (Berlin, Germany; releases it’s LU1065F005 pulsed fiber laser series with an average optical output power of 5W and 0.5mJ pulse energy. It is a pulsed Ytterbium fiber laser in Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration. The laser emits at a wavelength from 1060 to 1080 nm from an optical fiber. The optical output features a high beam quality of M2 ~ 1.5. The pulse energy is rated with 0.5mJ at 10kHz repetition rate and 100ns pulsewidth. The repetition rate is adjustable from 10 to 100 kHz. The pulsewidth can be selected from 50 to 250 ns.

Compact workstation

The SL Manual I, an all-in-one laser workstation from Rofin-Baasel U.K. (Northants, U.K.;, features glovebox type access, which allows direct handling of small and medium sized batches without requiring the front covering to be opened and reduces processing time. This laser marking system integrates various different laser markers from the company’s extensive product line. These include YAG and Vanadate laser types using lamp-, end-, or side-pumped diodes. For the marking of cylindrical pieces, an optional rotary axis is available.

Inspection system

The IX-70 ChromAblate on-target inspection and short deletion system from J.P. Sercel Associates (JPSA, Hollis, NH; delivers high precision and high power in a small package. The IX-70 is a laser-based materials processing system built to JPSA industrial standards for ruggedness and reliability, and its compact benchtop configuration and flexibility are ideal for a wide range of applications and “touch-up.”

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