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Micromachining system

The HLT1000 from Haas Laser Technologies (Flanders, NJ; is used for precision machining in most materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, and semiconductors. The system can incorporate a wide variety of lasers coupled with the company’s beam delivery components and motion control working together to provide affordable advanced laser processing. The system can machine features to < 15 microns and can accommodate the most demanding machining applications, which include combining both optical scanners and linear motion to provide high precision, versatility, and ease of use.

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The HLT1000 is available with excimer, diode-pumped solid state, and CO2 lasers or even a dual combination of lasers as the light source. Built around a granite platform and bridge structure, the tool is robust and the influences of outside vibrations are minimized.

Self-contained excimer

Intended for precision industrial applications, the Xantos XS excimer laser from Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA; contains an internal gas compartment consisting of a pre-mixed laser gas bottle and all necessary gas supply equipment for laser operation. This design enables automated gas re-filling without external gas and vacuum lines, and meets all international gas handling and safety standards. In addition, the product operates from a single-phase power source and requires no water cooling. Its Almeta all metal-ceramic tube technology results in long tube lifetime, high reliability, and long gas lifetimes.

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Plastic goggles
The new filter P1008 from Laservision (Fürth, Germany, provides effective protection against all wavelengths of Nd:YAG; Nd:glass, Nd:YLF, and Nd:VO4 systems. The filter is available in two different frame styles. The Lamda One frame style has a sporty look, while the Skyline frame style enables the user to wear prescription glasses underneath. Both frame styles are light weight.

PV manufacturing system

The ILE 2400 from Manz Automation AG (Reutlingen, Germany) and Synova SA (Lausanne, Switzerland; is an inline laser edge isolation system for photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing of mono- and multi-crystalline solar cells. Integrated with Synova’s waterjet-guided laser technology, the new system enables manufacturers to effectively isolate the edge of PV cells to prevent short circuits. Secondary applications include cutting and drilling. Edge isolation prevents short circuits to improve cell efficiency.

Compiled by Laureen Belleville,

CORRECTION: In the September issue article “Marked ‘Xactly’” on page 33, the Figure 1 caption contains a specification error. We wrote that tolerance is 0.002 inch. The correct tolerance is 0.0002 inch. We regret the error.

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